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Hi, my name is Secil and I’m a Germany based photographer. I’m 28 years old. At the age of 15 I got my first camera for birthday and since then I'm taking photos. As you can maybe see on my photos, I’m a big nature lover. We’re blessed with all these beauties and colors mother nature gives us. My favorite color is blue, like the sky and the ocean. The most beautiful flower on earth is lavender for me. I love to travel with my best friend and meet new people everywhere. I’m obsessed with sunsets and to my mind it's the best time to take photos because of the soft light. I also love to watch a clear sky full of sparkling stars. But who does not?

Most of my clients are my good friends now and that's what I love about my self-taught profession. Universe is crossing my paths with such beautiful souls. Weddings are my big love, but I do also like to take photos of families and landscapes. I even took portraits of pets and I loved it!

If you want to learn more about me, feel free to contact me. Maybe we could meet, drink a coffee and talk about
everything and anything. :)





Jan: Tulum, Mexico

Mar: Barcelona, Spain

Jul: Mykonos, Griechenland

Nov: Tel Aviv, Israel

"Secil!!! Amaaaaazing pictures! BIG THANKS! We are so happy for having the luck to meet you in Italy! I do really hope our paths can cross again in the near future! Awesome and professional job. Congratulations for such original angles and ways to picture our Love!"

lavi + Juan

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